Hey ho#

Hi, I'm Julien Pauli. I've been contributing to PHP for years, fixing bugs, adding features and managing releases worldwide. I'm french, living in Paris, and working at SensioLabs.

I like sharing my knowledge of computer sciences and especially PHP internals, to show external people how things work. I'm the co-author of http://www.phpinternalsbook.com and of many physical writen books (in french). I'm just yet another technical guy that can't do anything with a pen but a keyboard :-)

I studied electronic systems at school, programming in VHDL - 68HC11 starting on 16bits platforms barely in 1999 ; and finally X86 and X86_64. I got some interest in ARM platform as well. So I known many things about hardware, automatic-driven systems including mechanical ones. I'm more like a low level guy than a high level. I ignore many things about Windows platforms but try to master Unix ones I've been using for several decades now. Finally, I mainly write/debug C code under Linux (Debian) and sometimes assembly directly. I love CPU programming, I got interest in machine Kernels and OS design. I really enjoy asking the hardware to do something.

My GPG key details are :

pub 2048R/90D90EC1 2013-07-18 [expire : 2016-07-17]

Key fingerprint = 0BD7 8B5F 9750 0D45 0838 F95D FE85 7D9A 90D9 0EC1

uid Julien Pauli jpauli_[hosted.at]_php.net

I don't really like talking about my private life, but you should know that I like snakes and I own a Python at home (yes yes, for a PHP guy , that is cool isn't it ?).

If you have to meet me IRL, here is a picture of what I look like : Julien